A Water Wall in Winter

At the site of an ongoing project we wrote about last year in our post “Strawberry Staircases and Small City Permaculture,” we’ve been hard at work replacing an old stone retaining wall and replacing it with local bluestone. As the old wall is removed, components of the old wall are recycled by reincorporating them into the new wall, creating a novel aesthetic. The wall is part of a stormwater management design that will redirect water flows from the house along a terraced section of the hillside running between the new upper and lower walls. The water will follow the slope down along the wall and out over a built out section of the wall, adjacent to the new cedar wood staircase. The completed water wall project will be a refreshing new take on the iconic low stone walls found all throughout the Hudson Valley.

Keep in touch with us to stay updated on continued additions to this project, which will include a brick fired pizza oven on the hillside, and an edible landscape in the entryway to the home.