Main Street Pop-Up Park

In 2014, One Nature partnered with Green Teen volunteers and Hudson Todd to transform a vacant lot in Beacon, NY into a temporary pop-up park. All across the world, real estate speculation causes land in dense urban areas to lay vacant, sometimes for decades. This project creates a temporary landscape so that the land can be ecologically and socially productive until such time that development occurs.

The park engages the community to explore agriculture, public art, and open space. Situated right off of Beacon's Main Street, the community has been able to watch the transformation of a neglected lot into a vibrant, healthy landscape. 

The park features wood benches and log seating, planted berms, an existing mural, keyhole beds, a compost station, and a variety of native, local plants. The native wildflower and grass display provides an example for the community of when different native plant species flower, and how they might look in a neighborhood garden. Park plants include sunflowers, goldenrod, and coneflowers among many others. In addition, the keyhole beds are planted with a variety of fruit and vegetables.

The park now hosts a local farmers market, provides ecological habitat to a variety of birds and insects, and serves as an open space for the community to enjoy. Though a temporary landscape, the pop-up park continues to provide a pocket of green space for the wildlife and people of Beacon.

If you’re curious about any of the native plant species you see in the park, check out our garden center site