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We create and restore remarkable landscapes that improve the environment. 


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Regenerative Real Estate™

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What if we could use economic forces in land development to improve ecological function?
Developed in 2005 and based in the science of restoration ecology, Regenerative Real Estate™ is a turnkey service we offer to land owners who want to maximize the ecological productivity of their land holdings.  Land development projects, often seen as the antithesis to ecological preservation, can employ our unique cost competitive alternatives to status quo landscape solutions. Our team evaluates, designs, builds, and stewards property to the benefit of property owners and the planet. From agricultural properties to urban real estate portfolios, we have a team of trained experts standing by to help real estate investors reach their sustainability goals.

Our unique ability to combine science, design, and construction know-how allows us create cutting edge landscapes at predictable budgets. Shown above, the early stages of design planning a native vine garden and pocket park for Newburgh's Community Land Bank. This vacant lot will be converted to an important ecological and community oasis at $10/sf.

This residential landscape is part of a series of Regenerative Real Estate™ projects within a four block section of Beacon, NY. The design harvests rooftop stormwater to water wild-harvested native plants. We also used wood chips and buckwheat to quickly fix its distressed soil.

This bag of lady bugs that we released to keep insect pests at bay is an example of the chemical-free real estate management methods used by our company.