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We create and restore remarkable landscapes that improve the environment. 


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Framing Diversity

Steph Woman

Featured Project in Colchester, CT: This garden was pioneered by the property owner to create a healthier, more sustainable, and diverse landscape than typically found in a suburban residential community. Cognizant of the community perception issues regarding the perceived aesthetic of evolving wild and refined ecosystem services, the property owner wanted to update his permaculture-inspired garden to blend with the manicured lawns of his suburban community. To do so, we developed a 150' buffer native planting. We also hand built and installed a white picket fence that was sustainably harvested from New Hampshire white cedar. In total, the installation aligns views and perceptions between traditional New England aesthetic and that of a permaculture-driven landscape. By presenting the outward appearance of his front garden in a familiar visual language, the client was empowered to continue his personal gardening preferences while positively engaging the surrounding community.