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We create and restore remarkable landscapes that improve the environment. 


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Cultivating a Bigger Consciousness

Steph Woman

Over three hundred thousand people marched against climate change last weekend. The well known biologist E.O. Wilson recently called for humanity to give 50% percent of the planet back to non-human life. A drought- stricken southwest allows a series of dam releases that allow the Colorado River to reach the Gulf of California for the first time in many years.

What do all these things have in common? A bigger environmental consciousness. Across the world, human domination of the planet is giving way to stewardship. But is this ethical extension happening fast enough? The answer is no. But there is plenty we can do about it. 

Our name "One Nature" comes from our belief that the best way to solve our environmental crisis is through re-imagining the relationship between humans and "nature". As our consciousness as a global society expands, we realize the fate of our own species is often connected to the plants and animals that support us. 

Each of our projects blurs the line between human and non-human systems. Whether a small garden or an entire watershed, our work uses science as a basis for design.  This translates into more efficient long term landscape inputs, bio-regionally appropriate material palettes, reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, and architectural spaces designed according to ecological principles. 

It's wonderful that last weekend's protests were heard by governments around the world, but we need to remember that change also happens at the individual and small group level. Don't wait for politicians to solve climate change. Do it yourselves. And call us if you need help!