In 2014, One Nature partnered with Green Teen volunteers and Hudson Todd to transform a vacant lot in Beacon, NY into a temporary pop-up park. The park engages the community to explore agriculture, public art, and open space. Situated right off of Beacon's Main Street, the community has been able to watch the transformation of a neglected lot into a vibrant, healthy landscape. 

The park features wood benches and log seating, planted berms, an existing mural, keyhole beds, a compost station, and a variety of native, local plants. Some of the plants in the park include sunflowers, goldenrod, and purple coneflower, among many others. In addition, the keyhole beds are planted with a variety of fruit and vegetables.

The park now hosts a local farmers market, provides ecological habitat to a variety of birds and insects, and serves as an open space for the community to enjoy. Though a temporary landscape, the pop-up park continues to provide a pocket of green space for the wildlife and people of Beacon.