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We create and restore remarkable landscapes that improve the environment. 

What We Do

We design, build, and maintain landscape-scale projects that are visually compelling and have measurable environmental results. 

we are pioneering professionals who use ecological knowledge, construction experience, and design principles.

Why we do it

We believe in our ability as professionals to make a better future. Science has shown that landscape-scale intervention has the capacity to positively influence the environmental crisis. From inner cities to rural farmland, there is tremendous potential to regenerate, preserve, and restore the earth. Results from our growing body of work have proved the effectiveness of our approach.

A Certified b Coporation

One Nature is a CERTIFIED B CORPORATION. B Corp certification is to business what Fair Trade certification is to coffee or USDA Organic certification is to milk. B Corps are for-profit companies certified by the nonprofit B Lab to meet rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency. This means our clients can be sure their investment doesn't just go to making or protecting outstanding places, their dollars also support outstanding business practices.

Who we work for

Our clients are trendsetting visionaries who want to use their properties to improve the planet.

We offer an integrated, focused set of services targeted to a diverse marketplace. These markets include: 

  • Municipalities and Government Agencies (especially those related to Public Open Space and/or Ecological Restoration)
  • Residential Property Owners
  • Environmental Not-for-Profits
  • Private Developers and General Contractors
  • Architecture, Engineering, Surveying, Planning, and Landscape Architecture Firms
  • Commercial and Industrial Property Owners


Regenerative Design. We plan, design, and oversee construction of ecologically vibrant landscapes that have net positive environmental impacts.

Scientific Consulting. We work as field ecologists and botanists to monitor and evaluate landscapes of all types. Our scientists provide clear opinions and data that empower our clients to make land use decisions

Landscape Construction & Stewardship (Maintenance). We build and care for landscapes in the Hudson Valley and beyond. We also support other constructors whose projects require technical expertise.

Native Plant Nursery. We have a two-acre, wholesale, native plant nursery located in the Hudson Valley where we grow native and edible species of herbaceous and woody plants. Our plant material is managed using more-than-organic practices.




Bryan Quinn is the founder and principal of One Nature. Technically trained in restoration ecology, environmental philosophy and landscape architecture, his vision is a world where our development activities improve the environment, not destroy it.

Bryan is a returned Peace Corps volunteer (Malawi, 2002-04) and actively volunteers with numerous community organizations. He holds a masters degree in Landscape Architecture from the Rhode Island School of Design, where he was a two-time winner of the prestigious Athena Award of Excellence. He also holds an undergraduate degree from Knox College and was honored recently by the college with an Alumni Achievement Award. Bryan lives with his wife and daughter in Beacon, NY. Prior to founding One Nature, he worked for New York City as a park designer/planner and, more recently, for leading ecological consulting & design firms. He has also been an adjunct professor at Pratt and the Rhode Island School of Design. 

Bryan leads a small team of environmental professionals dedicated to building, designing, and growing projects that heal the planet.

If you are interested in joining our team, please visit our employment opportunities page for current positions; send us a cover letter and resume at One Nature is an equal opportunity employer.

One Nature donates 1% of revenue or 10% of profits to environmental not-for-profit organizations.