What is Garden Coaching?

For many home owners designing a picture perfect native landscape or a sustainable organic vegetable garden can feel out of reach. Our Garden Coaching services bring an expert to your home to help you tackle your biggest gardening challenges. Working side-by-side, our Garden Coach will teach you new gardening skills, and support you in creating the home habitat of your dreams.

New Homeowner Special ($200)

Just bought a house and don't know where to start? Our Garden Coach will help you understand what's in your yard, show you how to maintain your landscape, set goals for your habitat, make aesthetic recommendations, and map out a plan for how to get it all done.

This package includes: A one-hour session with our expert Garden Coach with extensive follow up.

New Homeowner Special Plus ($275)

Includes a follow-up visit to review all the recommendations and offer in-person guidance on next steps. Some of the things the garden coach can assist with:

  • advice and troubleshooting for problems in your landscape or things that you want to change

  • planning and planting a vegetable garden

  • selecting berry or fruit bearing trees and where to plant them

  • attracting butterflies, birds, or managing wildlife issues like deer and woodchucks

  • alternatives to lawns, low-maintenance yard care, lowering your carbon

  • footprint in the landscapebeing more sustainable with resources by using compost, rain barrels and mulching

  • plant identification, care, maintenance, and pruning

  • right plant, right place

  • creating ecological value in your yard

  • creating healthy soil

  • vacation maintenance

  • curb appeal- Selling your property? We offer organic landscaping to spruce up your yard.

Additional consulting services $60/hour

Installation assistance $50 per hour – get help planting, pruning and prepping

About Pamela Doan, our Garden Coach

Pamela Doan is a Master Gardener and Garden Coach in the Hudson Valley. Initially a passionate home gardener, Pamela has pursued education and training in home gardening focusing on the challenges of environmentally conscious home gardening. In 2013, she began contributing to Roots and Shoots column for the Highlands Current, focusing on gardening and the environment.  She has researched and written about everything from growing guides to the loss of biodiversity in our seed banks.

Pamela started out gardening at her homes in the Pacific Northwest, the Midwest and on a rooftop in Brooklyn before settling on nine acres in the woods in Cold Spring, NY. The property she moved to was neglected, and mostly covered by invasive plants such as Japanese barberry, mugwort, garlic mustard and Oriental bittersweet. Although a few plantings weren’t being eaten by deer, most plants on the property had little ecological benefit to the habitat, and the forest was a canopy without a healthy understory.

Her drive to restore and refresh this home habitat led her to learn about and implement no-till organic gardening, incorporating native plants and understory trees, hugelkulture beds, and small-scale agroforestry farming.

One Nature is thrilled to have Pamela as our residents Garden Coach with a mission of supporting Hudson Valley residents in transforming their yards and properties into healthy, home-based habitats.