Forest Management

Forests are a vital component of ecosystems across the globe, and are an especially important part of the cultural and ecological landscape of the Northeast. They provide habitat to countless plant and animal species, in addition to contributing a wealth of ecosystem services that humans benefit from. At One Nature, we understand just how important forests are, and are committed to managing forests for lasting integrity and resiliency. We’ve worked on forest management projects in a number of contexts and scales, from small forests on private property, to larger wooded areas in parks. Our approach to forest management combines scientific research with landscape design principles to create forest landscapes that are both ecologically resilient and aesthetically pleasing.

We can provide a wide range of services depending on the needs of the forest in question. Some of our work includes:

  • Enhancing biodiversity and climate resiliency on a preserve using research-driven planting design.

  • Clean-up and restoration of storm-impacted woodlands.

  • Vegetation surveys followed by removal of invasive species.

  • Design and implementation of sustainable silvicultural woodlots.

  • Development of thousands of young trees in our nursery.

We use only native plant species in our forest management projects. As a result, we have extensive knowledge of which native plants are suited for the environmental conditions of any given project, and how they may best be maintained over the years.  Today we are proud to have contributed to the health of dozens of forests, an ongoing ecological legacy that will benefit the biotic community for generations to come.