Environmental Planning

In many areas, periods of systematic deregulation have led to troubling consequences for the environment. Particularly in the modern era, many developers have little regard for natural systems, and anthropogenic activity continues to damage habitats to an untold degree. In many cases, careful and informed planning is the antidote to such recklessness. At One Nature we offer a combination of scientific, design, and regulatory experience to help developers and planners make key decisions regarding their projects.

Some examples of our work include:

  • Assessing the impact of proposed development on the distribution of light and shadow, with emphasis on resulting impact to nearby wetland habitat.

  • Assisting professionals at a public pool project navigate a complex permitting process, and evaluating the impact of said project on the local waterways.

  • Illustrating the impact of impervious surface on stormwater flow at the urban watershed level by utilizing a combination of sewer infrastructure data and local precipitation measurements.

  • Conducting natural resource inventories and predicting the impacts of development on documented natural resources.

The majority of our environmental planning projects help clients to develop in the most ecologically responsible way possible by thoughtfully addressing the possible impacts of development. In some cases, we work with concerned constituents on cases to prevent or delay development that would harm the environment. In each case, we collaborate with clients to create science-driven, ecologically responsible projects that contribute to a sustainable community.