One Nature was hired to develop a full restoration master plan for the development of a 2 acre “glamping” (Glamorous Camping) site on the shores of Jamaica Bay. Designed to merge the aesthetics of National Park Service campgrounds and 19th century beach bungalow communities, we started by developing an ecological restoration plan rooted in scientific studies of sunken dune forests.

After designing for an ecologically strong and beneficial habitat for native plants and migratory bird species, we overlaid the proposed human program to establish locations for temporary canvas tent sites and basic tourist facilities.

Located on what is likely historic fill, the design calls for importation of clean sand to create a new platform for a dune-like environment that creates a high-quality experience for regional visitors. We developed a strong central axis to the landscape by aligning an arterial boardwalk with a sunken forest swale. During extreme storms and tides, the entire site is designed to flood. Relatively inexpensive tent structures will be replaced if damaged. On the shoreline we envisioned a beach-like experience with a kayak launch, artificial tide pool, and living walls.