2016 year end Summary of our benefit impacts

We are a for-profit limited liability company that creates measurable benefits to the environment and society. 

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General Benefits created by One Nature:

  • We generated approximately 6,500 hours of green jobs at One Nature. In addition, we created approximately 50,000 hours of green jobs for other local businesses.
  • 70% of our company's expenses (excluding payroll and real estate) went to local vendors.We charitably donated or provided in-kind services equal to approximately 30% of our company's revenue to the following organizations: Common Ground Farm,Safe Harbors-of-the-Hudson, Clearwater, Arm-of-the-Sea Theater, Friends of Mianus River Park, Hudson River Watershed Alliance, Trout Unlimited, and Cornell Cooperative Extension.
  • We created 56 acres of ecologically productive land.
  • We restored 52 acres of marginally vakyuable landscapes and have hundreds more in design.
  • We converted 5 acres of impervious land to pervious.
  • In 2016, our projects sequestered 26,257 tons of organic matter into the ground. Our projects since 2007 have cumulatively sequestered 58,209 tons.
  • We created 17 biodiversity hotspots for pollinating species within the New York City region.
  • We restored 600 linear feet of riverbank with 3000 more on the boards
  • We converted or are in the process of converting 12 suburban residential landscapes.
  • We planned and designed 48 acres of coastal land to enable a more storm resilient future.
  • We helped construct 10,000 square feet of green roof
  • We completed two major stream management studies and put into place three invasive species management plans.
  • We collected local seeds from 70 different varieties of native Hudson Valley plant species.
  • We installed 10,000 and propagated 23,000 containerized native plants (not including bioengineering plantings).